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We know expectant parents have many questions prior to the birth of their baby. We encourage a free consult to meet with one of our physicians for parents of new patients or expectant parents.  There is a choice of several times each week to choose from at the beginning of our morning of afternoon sessions. This will be an informal time at our Cranston office with either Dr. Concannon or Dr. Vitale. We will give you an overview of the practice and answer any questions you may have about our practice and the general care of children. You are welcome to ask questions about the care of your new baby or child.  You can schedule a prenatal visit or meeting visit by calling our main office number at  943-7337.

If you deliver at Women & Infants Hospital, simply let them and your obstetrician know that you will be taking your baby to Atlantic-Pediatrics (Drs. Concannon & Vitale). They will contact us once the baby is born. We will be by to examine your baby within 24 hours, and daily until discharge.

If your baby is delivered at another hospital, please call us at the time of discharge to arrange a follow-up visit. Generally,  we do want to see you and the baby within the first few days after discharge.

Please feel free to read over our unique booklet on new babies at: New Babies

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