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CHADIS logoCHADIS is a web-based developmental screening tool that gives questionnaires to be completed by parents, and then provides their child's doctors with access to the development scores at each appropriate stage. Through its process, CHADIS improves the diagnosis and management of health, emotional and behavioral issues, helping us address parents’ concerns about their child’s development.

These results are all highly-protected, and NONE of the registration or survey information is sold for advertising or is shared outside the health care system.

We need parents to complete the CHADIS questionnaires online before each 9, 12, 18, 24, and 30 month well-child visit.  This helps us provide the best care for your child.

Parents: In taking these surveys, we request that you try to not be offended by some social questions, and try not to 'over-think' the survey questionnaire.

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